10 Things I Learned In a Pandemic – Spring 2020

Early this spring, we quickly found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. As the Corona virus began to spread and affect us here in North America, the world began to shut down and ramp up, simultaneously. It seems that most of us have found ourselves in one of two extreme categories: those who were […]


I’m joining in the Five Minute Friday link-up to write about distraction. We’re in a pandemic, so the topic seems timely. A tone. A little chime. Another notification. How can I focus with another distraction? Sometimes it’s worth it; a call or text from a far away family member or close friend, a question from […]

Give Yourself Some Grace

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, my friends, and my encouragement for you all today is GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE!!! [Or perhaps you are reading this later, and although thankfully the world has returned to somewhat normal, you feel as though you are in a crisis all your own. Read on.] It’s been a […]

city in winter

7 Things I Learned This Winter

I can’t believe that winter is almost over, as we’ve had the mildest, mostly snow-less, New England winter I can remember since living here. But it’s already time to join my favorite link-up and share what I’ve learned. I hope you enjoy this little list. 1. There are fewer things that really matter to me […]

Fall in our church yard

7 Things I Learned This Fall

It’s been a busy fall, but I managed to record at least some of the different things I’ve learned. Join me and others at Emily P. Freeman’s link-up to read about what we’ve learned this season. 1.I learned the proper way to forward an entire conversation in gmail. Do you ever wonder when you wish […]

sisters kayaking together

What I Learned This Summer

It’s time for another quarterly list of What I Learned, this time for summer 2019. Linking up with Emily P. Freeman and friends quarterly is one of the things I look forward to every three months. Please join me as we talk about various things we are learning, whether silly and fun or informative and […]

May sky with day moon

I’ve Got a Question

This post has been created for the Five-Minute Friday link-up, where the prompt for this week is question. Excuse me; I have a question. Are you one who asks a lot of questions? I most definitely am. It’s how I learn and process information. The more I understand something, the better I will remember it. […]

purple creeping phlox in my garden

What I Learned This Spring

Another quarter has already passed, which surprisingly means another season has also almost flown by as well. It’s time to join my favorite link-up and share What I Learned This Spring. This is a collection of some of the interesting, helpful, and sometimes meaningful things I’ve learned in this season. I hope you enjoy learning […]

rain droplets on red and green bush leaves

Life is an Opportunity

I’m (finally) joining in again to catch this week’s Five Minute Friday link-up, where the word for this week was opportunity. I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately. Through my husband’s heart bypass surgery experience about a year and a half ago, the death of both of his sisters in the same twelve-month period […]

Blue sky with clouds and snowy branches

What I Learned This Winter

It’s one of my favorite times again, where I join Emily P. Freeman’s link-up about what we learned this past season. What a wonderful habit of recording and reflecting on things I’ve learned, both silly and serious and somewhere in between. 10 Things I Learned This Winter: 1. The “January blues” is a real thing. […]