An Invitation to Let Your Soul Find Some Breathing Space

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Do you ever feel like life just doesn’t stop?

Are you longing for a moment of peace and quiet, or a little time to yourself?

Would you like a little help allowing your soul to take a breath?

I would like to invite you to join me as I join well-known blogger, author and speaker, Emily Freeman for 7 Days of Still Moments.

I have been reading Emily’s blog now for some time, enjoyed her newest book, Simply Tuesday (and studied it with my women’s small group at church), and watched some of her Periscope videos. Her thoughtful writing is calming and encouraging, and will gently challenge you with her motto of “creating space for your soul to breathe”.

For seven days, Emily is inviting us to listen for a few moments each day as she reads some scripture and her thoughts, designed to encourage us to make a little space to listen to what’s going on inside. You may use this as a morning devotional, as I am, or find time in your busy day to just stop. Or you may find this a good way to quiet your heart before you go to sleep at night.

This morning I listened to the first audio session. It was only about five minutes long, but set the stage to put my whole day in perspective. Emily’s voice is gentle and soothing. She will encourage you to pay attention to your heart. I’m so looking forward to each of the next six days!

I hope you will sign up (it’s free, of course!), and take a few minutes to care for your own soul with me. Just click on this link, scroll down and sign up; you’ll get an email each day with the audio offering to listen to on your own schedule.

I hope and pray that this will be a small encouragement to you and help you pause at some point in your day to care for your soul. Please let me know what you think!





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