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Today’s short, unedited post is written for the link-up at Five Minute Friday, and the prompt of the day is collect.


public pay telephone


Do you remember using these? And how about calling someone collect?

I’m probably dating myself, as now I guess with the use of cell-phones, payphones probably aren’t used nearly as much as when I was young, and collect calls have drastically declined. Some of you “youngins” may not even know what I’m talking about, much less have used this calling method yourself.


According to Wikipedia:

“A collect call in Canada, Pakistan, and the United States, also known as a reverse charge call in other parts of the English-speaking world, is a telephone call in which the calling party wants to place a call at the called party’s expense. In the past, collect calls were only possible as an operator-assisted call, but with the introduction of computer-based telephone dialing equipment, it is now possible to place a collect call without using an operator, which is called automated operator services (AOS) as opposed to Home Country Direct (HCD). Several companies offer services to place collect calls that compete with local service providers. Collect calls can be made from almost any public pay telephone in the world by following directions posted on or near the phone. Collect calling has been in constant decline since the advent of cellular phones and VOIP products, which can offer cheaper international rates.”


So to call collect meant that we had to ask the person receiving our call if they would foot the bill. They had a choice as to whether or not to accept the charges.

My most common experience with collect calls is when a young person was short on cash (or possibly in trouble), and needed to reach their parents. It’s a humbling experience, but probably saved a lot of young lives (or at least saved them some money) when Mom or Dad would pay for their call (and often supply help).

Well, there is one collect call that can be made and will always be accepted.

Anyone can call upon God in prayer and he has already paid the price through Christ.

We can boldly come before a perfect heavenly father, because our sins and shortcomings have been covered and paid for in full by Jesus’ death on the cross.

There’s no need to even ask if he will accept the charges…….the debt has already been paid.

So go ahead and make the call.

Take a step and try talking to God.

He’s already accepted your charges.

So what are you waiting for?





8 replies
  1. Emma Hughes
    Emma Hughes says:

    What a great take on the word! I’m young(ish) but do remember using these calls to get my parents to pick me up from youth group about fifteen years ago! Love the deeper meaning you put into it as well 🙂

  2. Glenda Cates
    Glenda Cates says:

    I will date myself as well as I clearly remember using these and making a few collect calls myself or listening to my parents make them. Have a great day and thank you for sharing this post this morning.

  3. Diane
    Diane says:

    I love how you related your devotional to making a collect call. Do you remember party lines? That’s when you would pick up the phone and hear your neighbor talking to someone. You had to wait until your neighbor’s call was finished until you could make a call. My, how the world has changed!

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      Absolutely, Diane! We had a party line when I was a kid! I’m so glad you joined me here, even though I’m behind for the current week’s link-up. Yes, the world has definitely changed!


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