Do You Ever Feel Like a Complete #momfail ???


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Hello fellow moms and anyone else who may happen to be interested in reading this post.

If you’re not a mom, perhaps you are reading this post to pass along the information to someone else you know, for a later season in your own life, or just to achieve a better understanding of what moms commonly feel. Either way, you’re welcome here, but for simplicity sake (this is Simply Flourishing Home after all!), I’ll write this post as if I’m talking to mothers. Perhaps it will still be of help to others who read this as well.

Have you ever had a bad day? Of course you have.

But I mean, a REALLY BAD MOM DAY? 

The kind of day where you feel like so many things went badly, and you did not handle anything with grace. You may feel like (or it may have been expressed), that your kids don’t even like you. It may be less personal, and you just feel like everything you’re responsible for as a mom is out of control. We can actually feel like we don’t even deserve to be a mother; that no one else has ever failed as badly as we have; that we are hopelessly behind, inferior, or just a #momfail.

If you answered “yes” or identified with any of these scenarios ….. then you just may be a mom.

Mothering is a hard job. It is both wonderful and frightening, difficult and blessed, complicated and truly joyous, and overwhelming yet hugely rewarding. It is one of the hardest yet one of the ABSOLUTE BEST things I’ve ever chosen to do in my whole life!

We are all in this together. You’re not alone.

Low and behold, about a day ago, I received an email in my inbox, with an offer to view a FREE, three-day video series for moms about this very topic. It’s called, The Truth About #momfail culture, 10 Things You Need to Hear On the Hard Daysand is produced and shared by two successful but real blogging moms, Stephanie Langford (Ultimate Bundles & Spark Home), and Beth Ricci (

Each of the three videos for moms is only about fifteen minutes in length, and I think you will find them real, enjoyable, and most of all, encouraging. I’ve already watched the first two, and am excited to view the last one when it hits my inbox tomorrow.

Best of all, these real “talks” will help you realize that the feeling that you’re failing as a mother simply isn’t true. You may not be perfect, but no matter what age they are right now, you are the perfect mom for your children.

Care to join me in viewing this video series for moms? Grab a hot (or cold) cup of a comforting beverage and sign up here for some #momfailtruth. I think you’ll be glad you did.

***Update: Unfortunately, this encouraging video series for moms has now ended, but if you are interested, follow the same link to the Ultimate Bundles website, where you can check out the awesome bundle deals that are available several times each year. I have purchased one, and if you can afford the low price, it can be an incredible deal for a huge amount of information and help with everything from homemaking to photography. There are several differnt bundles available for a very limited time, at a very low price. You get to download a huge library of ebooks and courses, and to top it all off, they always include some incredible “bonus” items, which in and of themselves, are often worth the purchase price. So if this sounds at all interesting, follow the above link and check it out. ***

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