Don’t Throw Away Those Cereal Box Liners!

cereal bowl

Do you eat as much cereal for breakfast at your house as we do around here?

I wonder.

In fact, if left “unchecked”, my three tall men (a husband and two young adult sons), would probably consume boxed cereal for breakfast about 90% of the time. It also seems to be our go-to Sunday evening meal. It’s fast, easy and a comfort food (to them, at least), so it seems like a “no-brainer”.

While I try to supplement their “cereal habit” with more home-made and other (more) healthy options, we still eat a good amount of cereal.

When the box is empty, what do you do?


This could be the waxed paper liners from your empty, small cardboard cereal box, or those from the larger (bulk or family-sized), cereal boxes left after you pour your cereal into a cereal-keeper container.

cereal and cereal container

We all know the importance of recycling in this day and age. Most of you will agree that it saves money and is easier on our environment. And when you can reuse something, it’s a win-win on both counts for you!

So I propose a little tip that I heard several years ago. I don’t quite remember where I first heard this idea, but I’ve been doing it ever since.

Save your cereal box liners!


When you empty a box of cereal, go ahead and recycle the box (I know you will!), but save the liner.

But why, you may ask?

pouring cereal into cereal container

Waxed paper liners are great to use in place of store-bought waxed paper! Just shake out the crumbs, fold and store, and you have for yourself a FREE, pre-cut piece of waxed paper!

cereal and waxed paper liner

If this seems gross to you, then go ahead and throw out the liner (we can’t recycle waxed paper here), and have a blast paying for crumb-less waxed paper. To each his own. No hard feelings. 🙂

I personally haven’t bought a roll of waxed paper since I can’t remember when.

Now when you need a piece of waxed paper, simply remove a bag from your storage container, unfold and carefully pull it apart at the seams, forming a good-sized rectangle of perfectly good waxed paper!

It even works wonderfully for covering dishes to heat in the microwave (probably our main use for it), if you just pull it open a little and kind of slide your plate or dish in to reheat; sort of like a little shaped cover.

reheating food in microwave with waxed paper (cereal liner)

You can use a cute or fancy container or bin in which to store your waxed paper, or be like me and just reuse whatever suits your fancy at the time. I have re-purposed empty containers such as tissue boxes, plastic snack jugs, and my current favorite, an empty, square biscotti jar. (Why does my computer constantly tell me that “biscotti” is not a word??? Silly dictionary!)

cereal liners in container

Mine lives right in one of my pull-out shelves in my kitchen pantry cupboard.

kitchen cupboard with waxed paper liners

I hope you find this little tip as helpful and money-saving as we have!


Am I the only one who’s done this? Do you think it’s gross to use waxed paper that may have some tiny cereal crumbs on it? What are you going to buy with all the waxed paper money you’re going to save???


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