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A Five Minute Friday Post


Today I’m writing about the word, “hidden”.

The first thing that comes to mind is a song by that title and the post I wrote about it earlier on my blog, as it had impacted me so greatly. It speaks of how if we have given our lives to Christ, we can trust that they are hidden in his care.

I believe that is the foundation upon which we can build what I wish to share today.


How many things do we keep hidden in our lives?

We all have secrets and innermost thoughts and feelings that we do not share. We often have things in our past that we’d rather not think about, whether they are the results of our own sins, the wrong actions of others, or just the hard circumstances of living this earthly life.

I’m not suggesting that we bare all and use no discretion, but I’d like to propose that we don’t leave things hidden in our hearts and lives.

If it’s meant to remain private, then let’s face our hard places, get appropriate help when needed, and move on. If it’s an area that is affecting a relationship in our lives that needs fixing, let’s be vulnerable and open up to that person, trusting that things will be better as we smooth out the hurts and misunderstandings and grow closer together.

Most often it seems to me, hidden things that haven’t been dealt with remain buried for a time, but they fester until they explode either physically,  emotionally, or mentally. They don’t just go away. They cause hurt and destruction in our own lives and the lives of others we care about.

But if we open our hearts, ask God to shine the light of his truth inside of our dark places, and ask for help, counsel or wisdom from someone we can trust (even a professional at times), we can bring healing and growth first to our own lives and hearts. Then the resulting beauty will flourish and spread to those around us.

So let’s not keep the hidden places in our hearts; open up and let the healing and flourishing begin.













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