How I Felt When You Complemented My Home

Our house with violets

I really do have a lovely home.

It’s not huge or new or rich, but it is pretty and cozy. It’s about “average” as far as houses go around here, but so much more than most people in our world would ever dream of.

We picked it over twenty years ago, and I can still remember how quickly it felt like “home” when we moved in. We added two kittens shortly after we purchased our house, and within about a year, I was pregnant with our first child.  It is where we are supposed to be right now.

our home - winter 2015-16

But often I notice what is wrong, not clean, needs fixing, isn’t new, is broken, or how small it feels when we have a certain number of guests. I see newer furniture and appliances that would just look nice, be more “functional”, or would make life easier.

Sometimes I look with envy at others’ homes, either in Facebook photos or in real life. We can always find someone with a bigger, newer, more modern house and more “stuff”.

I’ve already shared about how easy it is to struggle with discontentment; in fact, my second post ever was about how I often have to remind myself to be grateful for the things I have.

This is part of our own human nature, but also augmented by a wealthy culture which thrives on consumerism.

But I need to remember that there is probably someone looking at me in the same way, wishing they had a house perhaps, or maybe just wishing their big home was filled with peace.

Our living-room

Sometimes I just need a reminder of how lovely and wonderful my life really is. I need to focus on the positives, rather than the lacks.

This past week, I had two individuals complement my home.

One was someone we are just getting to know. He walked through our door on the first night he joined our church community group and said something like, “What a beautiful home you have!”

Exercise mat in living-room with cat

The second was a complete stranger. She was responding to a photo I shared on a Facebook page for those of us participating in a Pilates fitness challenge. It was a photo of a corner of my living-room, where I had my exercise mat, near the couch with the sleeping kitties. She commented, “What a lovely space!”

So once again I’m reminded of how blessed I really am. I needed those reminders (and I guess it took two of them), to get my attention once more to be grateful.

I needed once again to look at my life with fresh eyes.

There’s been a little video circling in social media lately that speaks to this, so maybe I’m not the only one who needs to be reminded.


And there’s another lesson as well.

Don’t hesitate to give out heart-felt compliments.

It may be just what that person needs to hear on a day when life feels overwhelming. It may give them a renewed sense of how their life is blessed.

Our house with summer watermelon flag

And thank-you to those friends who took the time and followed your hearts to share your compliments with me.

They made my day and are helping to make my grateful life.

Our house - kitchen entrance

humming-bird feeder and hanging plant

enjoy the little things






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      • Laurie George
        Laurie George says:

        Thanks Ann for this post. I too look around at my home and see all the things that need maintenance, upgrading, unfinished projects, etc.. etc..especially lately I have noticed its smallness when I have
        our new (not so) small group over and we are so cramped in each room, yet I realized how blessed I am when someones tells me how cozy it feels and how it is so inviting or I see others I am close to have so much less than I and they still are joyful in what God has blessed them, Thanks for the blog and the reminder to be grateful for what I have.

  1. Susan Pouliot
    Susan Pouliot says:

    Ann this post is Incredible.. You hit the nail on the head… You have so much more than many and who’s to say if you had more that you’d be any happier. I’ve had more materially and it mattered not. My life was in shambles in the 1980’s. Lived in a dream home build from ” HOME Magazine ” floor plans and in no time our family life deteriorated ..we were separated in 9 excruciating years if turmoil. Thank-you for this post. I’ve learned that as long as my children and I have a warm place to sleep and food to eat that that is enough…. God ALWAYS provides us with enough. I know from experience.. I don’t envy a single soul because at any point in time… God will change their life in order to bring them closer to Him. God Be With You Ann..and Thank-you!

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      You are so right, Sue! It’s so easy to judge peoples lives on their outward appearances. God does always provide enough, and we are so blessed. Thanks for sharing a little of your story.


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