Interesting D-I-Y Bracelet “Hack”


Since one of the purposes of this blog is to help you flourish by simplifying tasks in your life, today I’m coming to you with a quick little trick to help you dress yourselves without help.

Let me explain.

Have you ever had trouble fastening a bracelet onto your wrist without help? I know I have, and I’ll bet you have, too. Unless I’m alone in the house (which is rare), I usually end up calling for help from one of my guys.

Well, here’s a nice little trick that’s been circulating around Facebook and hit my timeline the other day. Watch this video for a great “hack” for fastening a bracelet all by yourself.

bracelet and paper clip

All you need is your bracelet and a paper clip.

I thought this was clever and practical, and immediately shared it…..and got the same reaction from others.

Today when I considered writing a short post about this, I figured I should try it out myself (since I do NOT want to recommend ideas, products, or companies, etc., that I do not personally find beneficial).

I asked my wonderful husband to take a few photos (and then one son, too), as I’ve yet to find a video illustrating how to take photographs while fastening a bracelet onto your wrist. 😉

I will describe briefly what the above video suggests in my photo captions, and how it worked out for me.

bracelet and bent paper clip

First, bend the paper clip so as to “unfold” it.


bracelet "hack" with paper clip

Insert one end of the clip into the loop on the (non-fastener) end of your bracelet. Hold the other end with the bent fingers of the same hand, against your palm.


bracelet paper-clip hack 2

Carefully wrap the bracelet around your arm …..


bracelet paper clip hack 3

(Please ignore the vitamins and salad we were eating in the background.)


bracelet paper clip hack 4

…..until you can clip the fastener into the loop.


bracelet 3 paper clip hack

I tried three different bracelets with three slightly different fasteners.


bracelet clasp

Slide out the paper clip, and voila!

First of all, I must admit it was not at all as easy for me as it was for the “star” of the above video. In fact, my husband chimed in with something like, “Are you sure you want to write a post about this?” (To be fair, he is usually my biggest fan and encourages me greatly; in fact, I’m usually the one to quickly add “reality” to many of his ideas and cause them to deflate.)

But after some trying, I was able to get it to work. I still won’t be making my own video any time soon, but in the end, after attempting this method with three different types of bracelets, I conclude that it does indeed work. I may prefer to call for help if there’s any willing body nearby, but in a pinch, this will do the trick.
two bracelets on arm


One tip I will offer that helped this fastening method work for me is to grasp and open the fastener with one hand (preferably your dominant hand, unless you insist on wearing your bracelet on that arm, in which case, you will have a more difficult task), before you proceed to wrap the bracelet (attached to the clip), around your wrist. The difficulty I was struggling with was manipulating the fastener and opening it with only one hand, so this tip solved the problem. 🙂


In attempting to copy the bracelet-fastening guru in this video, I came up with the following six observations:


  1.  Don’t just believe everything you see or read on Facebook, or social media in general, or the internet for that matter! Try some things for yourself, and/or do your own research. This obviously applies to more serious topics than jewelry-wearing “hacks”, but is true regardless.
  2.  Some ideas may work better for one person than for another. We are all different. You may also need a little practice to get an idea to work for you.
  3.  Don’t feel badly asking for help from those around you. In many cases, I will take asking a family member for help over trying to complete a frustrating task on my own. (I don’t have that much to prove.)
  4.  Consider buying jewelry that’s easy to get on and off without help, such as those bracelets that are constructed with an elastic sort of cord that stretches over your hand. (Or be simple and don’t wear jewelry at all.)
  5. It’s best to do your nails and put on hand lotion before taking close-up photos of your hands (especially if you’re plastering them on a blog).
  6.  The Crawley ladies (on the ever-popular British television series, Downton Abbey), really did have it “maid”! (My Dad would love my pun!) Having your own ladies’ maid would certainly solve a whole lot of these silly problems encountered when attempting to dress yourself.


Are you a “struggle-to-do-this-on-your-own” type gal, or one to call for help, like me? Did anyone else try this tip after seeing the video on Facebook?


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