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miscellaneous hangers 2016-05-18

Hold on to your seats! Today I’m writing a short post about…..(wait for it)…..hangers!

Sorry to all you aircraft enthusiasts; this has nothing to do with airplane hangers. Since an airplane is just out of my budget right now, I’m just going to talk about the the run-of-the-mill hangers we use to keep our clothes from off of the floor.

So if there’s nothing good on TV, your homework and housework are all caught up, and you have nothing else to keep you occupied, join me for just a few minutes for some “hanger talk”.

Seriously, this is one of those posts that seems almost silly to write. It’s about hangers, for Pete’s sake.

But it’s also one of those little things I would do almost without thinking, that perhaps you will find mildly enlightening. Besides, many of the mundane, “normal” things we each do are often novel to someone else. When I wrote a post about putting paper towel in my lettuce container, I had at least one very domestic friend tell me that they had never thought of it.

Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves, “Why on earth is she writing a blog post about hangers?” You are the ones who may go watch that TV rerun, catch up on Facebook, or go and water your cactus. I give you permission.

If I still have you at this point, you’re either really bored, or so curious you can’t stand not to read the rest of my post.

Another group who are graciously “dismissed” are my friends who can easily afford to buy whatever nice hangers you like. I have some I really like and would pay good money for again. Although I certainly wouldn’t classify them as “expensive”, they do cost a few dollars. They’re not free. These are a couple of the ones I’ve purchased (for more than a dollar or two), that I find very useful, here on top of my shiny “new” (reconditioned) washing-machine:

 good hangers 2016-05-18

A couple of my favorite kinds of hangers. (See, I told you my washer was shiny. See the pretty colored lights?)

I decided to take these quality hanger photos on top of my washer because I usually hang my clothes from the wash here in the laundry room, so it seems appropriate, and because I still think my washer looks shiny and new, so it makes me happy. You may take your photos of hangers wherever you’d like.

So back to our hanger talk.

But I know that there are a few of you who, like me, would like to save every dollar possible. If I can save even a few dollars on hangers and other items that don’t matter much, it will add up in the end for more important expenses. Hence the reason for this lighthearted post.

Most of the hangers I’ve bought over the years look something like these:

miscellaneous hangers 2016-05-18

The plastic ones can be purchased for just a few cents per hanger in many different stores, so I’m sure you have some of these. They work well and I like the assortment of colors. Let’s face it, anything we can do to make us smile while doing laundry is a “plus”, right? For many similar clothing items I usually use a certain color for each of my sons so that I will not give them the wrong-sized clothes.

The bigger felt-covered ones were bought at the dollar store with two or three in a pack. They are especially good for larger shirts and for sweaters and clothing that either zips or buttons in the front or has a bigger opening at the neck, as the soft coating helps to hold the clothing onto the hanger.

This is all fine and good.

What I would like to suggest then, is that you can simply reuse some of the hangers you get free.

Sometimes when you buy new clothes the store will give you the hangers they came on, and/or when you get clothing back from the dry-cleaners you can utilize some of those. We don’t make a habit of dry-cleaning too many of our clothes, but some cannot be avoided, so over the years we have collected quite a few hangers. You can reuse these wire ones or check to see if they can be recycled, like ours can (at the dry-cleaners). They even provide us with a nifty little weird-shaped box.

recycling wire hangers

I don’t care for these, so I mostly just recycle them, but there’s nothing wrong with using them. They will take up very little room in your closet, so that could be a plus. When I was young, that’s the only kind I remember having, and incidentally, they made excellent hot-dog and marshmallow roasting sticks (although when I tried to duplicate the “simple” transformation of twisting a wire hanger into a roasting stick as an adult, it was less than sucessful), but that’s another story .

You may find, like me, that some of the more sturdy plastic hangers are handy for hoodies and things:

reusing plastic hangers from the store

When your kids’ clothes have outgrown these plastic hangers, they can usually go in your recycling bin.

The hangers I really find surprisingly useful from the dry-cleaners are these that are designed for pants:

reusing pants hangers from the dry-cleaners

They are free and work well, so I use these for the uniform or dress code pants that my sons wore all through school. They have a cardboard piece attached to the wire that has a bit of stickiness to it, so the pants don’t slide off. When the hanger bends (which eventually they may), I always seem to have a few more to replace it. Even though it doesn’t look “special”, they really do work quite well, and I have no desire to spend money on a replacement right now.

Maybe someday I’ll come into money and splurge for some more fancy, new hangers.

But right now I’d rather make do with what I have, and save that extra couple of bucks.

pants on hangers

I’m guessing maybe you would, too.


Do you reuse old hangers? Or are you particular about buying the certain hangers that you like best? Just out of curiosity, is there anyone else who uses different colored hangers for each of your children?




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  1. Becca
    Becca says:

    A few years ago the local grocery store had boxes of 20 wood hangers for 5 dollars. Guess what I asked for for Mother’s Day? I got twice as many as I needed. It helps that I like to keep my wardrobe small. My husband, myself and our daughter all use them, and we’ve got 2 boxes still in storage. I love our matching wood hangers. But our closets don’t have doors so matching hangers are more important

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      What a practical Mother’s Day gift! It’s funny how some little things can make us so happy.

      Thanks for visiting my site.


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