One Thing I’ve Learned in (Almost) 50 Years…..

snowy pine tree

Today we got the snow that we’ve been waiting for all winter (well, some of us, at least).

We’ve only had a little snow so far this winter, and any we got has melted away within days. In fact, it’s been unseasonably warm for New England.

But today we got about six to eight inches of sticky, wet snow.

snowy branches and sky

It was fairly warm, so it clung tenaciously to the branches and rooftops, until the wind picked up and blew it around, creating a momentary blizzard effect.

As I was out shoveling along with my neighbor across the street, at one point we heard a loud crack. Looking to see what on earth was making such a noise, we caught sight of a very large limb falling out of another neighbor’s tree. Fortunately, it didn’t look like it did any damage, and I’m thankful no-one was hurt.

As I was working, I began to realize that it was the ultimate snowman-making snow.

snowy mailbox

So when my portion was complete, I first took some cold, snowy pictures, careful not to let my camera and my tablet get too wet in the process.

Then I began to build my snowman.

shoveling with snowman

My teenage son doing his share.

I still remember (and my parents have some photos or slides somewhere, I believe), my grandmother building a snowman in her front yard when she was probably in her sixties. She lived right next to us in my early childhood years, alone for many years after my grandfather died of a heart attack in his fifties, but she definitely still knew how to have fun and stay young.

Update from 09/16/16: I’m so thrilled to have been given a photo of two of my Grandma’s snowmen to share with you! Thanks to my thoughtful Mom, this 1983 photo was included in a memory box she gave to me for Christmas. In it are many photos and a few little trinkets to remind me of my dear Grandmother, who passed on this past year. Grandma would have been about 61 years of age when she built these particular “twins” in her front yard. 🙂

my grandmother's snowmen "twins"

My Grandmother’s snowmen “twins”, built with love in her front yard in 1983. Grandma was about 61 years of age.


snowman, snowlady

Me and my new friend.

Yes, I’m now almost fifty (only a few short months away).


snowlady Feb 2016


Yes, I had lots of “more important” things to do today.


home with snowlady 2-5-16


Yes, the neighbors may think I’m a nut.


snowlady close-up

Isn’t she beautiful?

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my almost fifty years of life (especially growing up in Ontario, Canada 🙂 ), it’s not to miss out on building a snowman when the snow is just right.


back of snowman

I think she has her arms raised in worship. 🙂


I don’t know about you, but I’m still learning the importance of living in the moment, enjoying this fleeting life for all it’s worth.


Live, Laugh, Love


And later in the afternoon, I glanced out the window to see a most stunning view of the late afternoon sunlight on the treetops. Grabbing my camera, my sneakers and no coat (so as not to miss the breathtaking sky), I ran outside and shivered while I took pictures, soaking in the beauty of God’s creation.


sunlight on treetops

home with snowy trees

golden treetop

snowy pine with pink sky

house with snow and pink sky

trees with pink sky and snow


Have you ever built a snowman, as an adult, and NOT because you were helping a child? What other types of activities do you engage in to keep yourself “young” at heart?



6 replies
  1. Susan Pouliot
    Susan Pouliot says:

    No I haven’t Ann just on my own as an adult…
    This is an incredible article. Your soft sweet nature is so evident in your writing… Almost childlike as God intends us to be… You are a gentle spirited person who is intently in touch with the yourself, nature and God…I loved you blog.. Will definately take the time to read more…..

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      Thank-you so much, Sue, for your kind and encouraging words! I am definitely finding an outlet for some creativity that needs to get out (both in snowman-building and blogging). You should try building a snowman sometime. 🙂

  2. Ellen Pedley
    Ellen Pedley says:

    Ann–I am so happy that you can enjoy this beautiful world that God made for us, In the Memory box I gave you is a photo of two snowmen your grandmother made when she still lived in Wainfleet.
    She must have been much older than I am (72) and she still delighted in snow and the fun and beauty it brings. What a nice tribute your 2016 snowman is to her.

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      I didn’t realize she was that old when she built it! (And I only remembered one.) It sure was a beautiful day, and I’m honored to be walking in Grandma’s footsteps. Thanks so much for the memory box. <3

  3. Linda L.
    Linda L. says:

    How lovely Ann! Such motivation and you responded to it in a timely fashion. Congrats to you and how blessed you were for it. Reading your blog allows me to know you even better. I’m enjoying your concise writing style and your sentiment. Good work & encouragement for others!

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      Thanks, Linda! I’m glad you enjoyed it. This was a fun post and you may see that I’m not always so concise! (I’m working on that.)


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