One Way to Make Your Lettuce Last

lettuce wrapped in paper towel

Stick a paper towel in it. Or two or three.


End of story.

Do it.

Today’s post just may be the shortest, easiest blog post I’ll ever write!

Of course I’ll include some wonderfully exciting photos of myself (or my left hand at least; I had to use my right hand to snap the photo), inserting paper towel into a lettuce container. I’ll bet you can hardly wait!

opening greens

First, open your lettuce or greens.


inserting paper towel into lettuce container

Insert one or more clean paper towels.


paper towel in lettuce container

Close lid and you’re done.

Where on earth did I get such a weird idea? I don’t rightly know for sure. It may have been from my dear father-in-law (who has been gone for several years already). He would open one of those handy, already-washed salad bags and then close it up with a paper towel inserted. I think he was the first.

But try it, already. It just works! (Do I really need to do the research on this one?)

Haven’t you noticed how after you’ve opened a package (bag or plastic container), of pre-washed salad greens little droplets of water form on the inside of the container, then begin to moisten and eventually rot the nice little leaves???

I bet some of you don’t even purchase the ready-washed lettuce anymore because you’re so tired of throwing away spoiled lettuce!

It even seems to be the case when I wash my own head of lettuce and place the leaves into one of my plastic containers or lettuce-keepers, so I add paper towel there, too.

If it’s a larger container of lettuce, I usually gently wrap a clean paper towel around each side and place another on top.

salad with paper towel

One other important note if you are washing your own lettuce (rather than buying pre-washed), is you must get it as dry as possible! A salad spinner works wonderfully and I don’t know what I’d do without mine!

Sometimes if I’m cleaning very large greens (that would not fit in the lettuce spinner), I just lay them out on clean tea towels and let them air dry. I still put a paper towel into my storage baggie, and squeeze the air out before sealing it.

This is also a great storage tip for many other types of veggies, too. But that may need to be discussed further in another post. 🙂

My completely scientific answer to why the paper towel method works is this: the paper towel absorbs the little droplet-thingies and keeps them from overly-wetting the lettuce leaves, hence helping to prevent them from rotting and getting all gross and slimy. (Don’t quote me on this.)

So that’s it, folks! Grab a container of lettuce and some paper towels and have yourself blast this weekend! Now you can enjoy your salads more as you know your lettuce won’t spoil before you’re done eating it. And don’t forget, your greens will last longer for more delicious smoothies.

That same precious father-in-law I told you about also had a cute habit of writing on and leaving notes on paper plates. So maybe we should try that one, too.


Am I the only one who has found that a paper towel or two totally makes the lettuce last longer??? If you have any other ideas for preserving salad greens or know of any scientific studies to back up my theory, please share!





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