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Do You Ever Feel Like a Complete #momfail ???

  Hello fellow moms and anyone else who may happen to be interested in reading this post. If you’re not a mom, perhaps you are reading this post to pass along the information to someone else you know, for a later season in your own life, or just to achieve a better understanding of what […]

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The Easiest, Cheapest Natural Cleaner You’ll Ever Make

Have you ever cleaned with vinegar? It’s one of the cheapest yet safest ways to clean that I know of. Not only that, but it’s simple, too. Vinegar has been used for many years as a cleaning product, and is still widely used today. It is obviously a versatile food product, is a primary ingredient […]

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What To Do When Your Emotions Are Fickle (10 Steps Towards Feeling Better)

Boy am I fickle sometimes. I can ride the high of feeling happy, even to the point of giddiness, then in one fell swoop, sink to an emotional low, bordering even on feelings of depression. Some of you know what I mean. If you are a woman, a middle-aged person, someone going through a difficult […]

There is no condemnation...Romans 8:1-2

There is NO Condemnation!

Don’t you just love this verse??? This morning I opened up the email to my verse-of-the-day from the Bible App, and read Romans 8:1-2:   “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of […]


Interesting D-I-Y Bracelet “Hack”

Since one of the purposes of this blog is to help you flourish by simplifying tasks in your life, today I’m coming to you with a quick little trick to help you dress yourselves without help. Let me explain. Have you ever had trouble fastening a bracelet onto your wrist without help? I know I have, and […]

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Don’t Throw Away Those Cereal Box Liners!

Do you eat as much cereal for breakfast at your house as we do around here? I wonder. In fact, if left “unchecked”, my three tall men (a husband and two young adult sons), would probably consume boxed cereal for breakfast about 90% of the time. It also seems to be our go-to Sunday evening meal. It’s […]

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Five Unchanging Qualities of Family Traditions (Easter Musing)

It’s Easter today and I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking about how some of our Easter traditions are changing. The interesting thing about traditions ….. is that they cannot all indefinitely stay the same. According to Wikipedia, “A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or […]

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A Few Thoughts On Politics (Lessons From the Sandbox)

I’ve never been much for politics. In fact, my family members reading this title probably immediately clicked to my blog to see what on earth I had to share on this topic. As a child, I wasn’t naturally interested in news or politics. When I got a little older, once in awhile my parents would […]

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Simple Things I Did To Make Saint Patrick’s Day Special

Did you have a happy Saint Patrick’s Day? We don’t make a big deal about it, but there are a few traditions for Saint Patrick’s Day that we like to keep around our home. My husband’s family has always had a boiled corned beef dinner with cabbage, potatoes and carrots for this holiday. We have […]

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What Does It Mean When God Closes Another Door?

Another door slammed shut. Sometimes it feels like a slap in the face. At the very least, it leaves us confused, disappointed, perhaps even disillusioned. But what does it really mean when God closes another door?   Recently, this was my truth. In fact, it still is. I seem to be in a time of […]