snowy pine tree

One Thing I’ve Learned in (Almost) 50 Years…..

Today we got the snow that we’ve been waiting for all winter (well, some of us, at least). We’ve only had a little snow so far this winter, and any we got has melted away within days. In fact, it’s been unseasonably warm for New England. But today we got about six to eight inches […]

duck swimming

Look at the Birds…

Being the “good” Christian that I am, of course I don’t love money. Besides, I’m not rich, so there’s no chance of worshiping money. I’ve got that one down. But wait a minute: “…be satisfied with what you have” ??? That part hit me square in the nose. You see, if I’m really honest, I have […]

Bible, journal and tea

This One’s For Your Spirit

  Hi friends! This year I’ve been enjoying finding and sharing various ways that we can make positive changes in our lives, and it’s never too late to start. First I shared about a 91 Day Declutter Challenge, then suggested another way to tackle several differnt changes in a 12 Mini Goals Challenge . Today I’m […]

homemade croutons

Making Something Delicious Out of Nothing (How to Make Your Own Croutons From Random Bread Scraps)

Lately I’ve been inspired to do some serious decluttering. That topic, in itself, could be another whole series of blog posts (of which I am not yet the expert). But for today, I am going to share with you an easy little recipe that will help you to declutter your freezer. Did you know that […]

the struggle between flesh and spirit

The Fight

  OK….I admit it. I did it again. And it seems I keep on doing it. Do I have your attention now? Maybe you’ve done it, too. Actually, it is probably more accurate to speak of what I have not done. Oh, it’s not some horrible crime or obvious neglect. It’s just that daily struggle to […]

Jessica Smith yoga exercise dvd

Let’s Eat an Elephant – another New Year (mini-) challenge

Well, we’re three weeks in to the new year…..and how are those “resolutions” going? According to this interesting article (written in 2013), although an impressive 40 % of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% actually achieve them. But here’s an idea that’s a little more encouraging, from the American Psychological Association : “Setting small, attainable goals […]

junk pile

Junk Piles

  Have you ever looked out of a window and had to deal with a view filled with junk? I have. It’s not a good feeling. In fact, it almost feels like a violation, to have your view accosted by garbage. Recently I had such a window view. It gave me such an unpleasant feeling, […]

Layered Hot Cocoa Gift Jars

Layered Hot Cocoa Gift Jars

Just in time for (next?) Christmas 😉 Work with me here, folks. I know it’s a little late to share a Christmas gift jar idea, but I just launched my blog, it’s taking me a little bit to learn the ropes and get into the swing of it, and my head was overflowing with so […]

Psalms 84:11

What Are You Lacking?

What are you lacking? I often feel I am lacking something. Too often, I compare what I don’t have to what someone else has. Many times I have found myself feeling sorry for myself, when the Bible says, “The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.” (Psalms 84:11) How […]

Buster the cat in donation box.

Make Goals – Not Resolutions (And a Declutter challenge.)

  Have you recovered yet from all those pesky and guilt-provoking thoughts about New Year’s resolutions? Although we’re almost far enough into January to be in the “safe zone”, if you’re like me, you really DO want to make changes in your life. As scary as it may seem, it is the only way to […]