when i am weak

When I Am Weak…

  This post is written for Five Minute Friday, where I join a nice bunch of bloggers to write for five unedited minutes on a weekly prompt. Today’s word is weak. ***** Why do I feel so weak? Have you ever asked this question? It may be any combination of factors: physical tiredness, hormonal imbalance, emotional […]

gold refining process


*****Today’s post is written for the link-up at Five Minute Friday. Our prompt for today is the word, “refine”.*****   Today I’m thinking about the word, “refine”, and the first thing that comes to mind is the process using fire that refines gold. According to Oxford Living Dictionaries, the definition of refine is, “Remove impurities or […]

Mason Christmas gift jars

Simple Gifts in Mason Jars – great last-minute Christmas gift idea

Today I’m wondering…..do you have any last-minute gifts to give? Perhaps you’re going to someone’s home for the holidays and need a small token of your appreciation. Maybe you are looking for just the right “something” for your child’s teacher. Or do you have some close friends or church small group members to whom you’d […]

close-up of calendar day square


I’ve always been one to look forward to things. It’s so easy for me to think, plan, anticipate, and sometimes even worry over the future. I also think a lot about the past. I like to remember, even re-live good moments, and sometimes find myself dwelling on hard ones. But living in the moment??? It’s […]