Playing it Safe


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Oh, how I love to play it safe!

It’s in my basic personality to keep to the safe road, not liking too many changes, not straying far from the norm, and certainly not taking too many risks. I feel most “safe” when I know what to expect and don’t have to process emotions and thoughts outside of my usual routine or known parameters.

There are many situations in life in which playing it safe is important, even life-saving.

Taking precautions when driving, when near deep or turbulent water, when dealing with fire, or when dealing with life-altering substances such as drugs, alcohol and the like. These scenarios require sticking fairly close to what we know is safe.

But in most areas of my life, I have let clinging to the safety of my known boundaries keep me from growth. I have stifled the possibly glorious or just plain simple things that God has wanted to do through me to affect others around me in a positive way. I have been lazy or let fear keep me from stepping out and moving forward in my work and personal life.

In these instances, I need to learn the beauty and the excitement of stepping out into the unknown, in even jumping wholeheartedly into the net that God will surely provide when I risk for him and his purposes.

Whether it’s in the mundane responsibilities I find myself in daily at home or at work and with others, or be it in my blog or in my personal interactions with my family, I want to become more adventurous.

I desire to earn that level of trust in God that allows me to take the next step or the next jump, and simply trust him, not allowing fear or pride to win.

I know in my mind that this is true, but I need to step out and find new territory with my Lord in every area of life.

Enough of simply playing it safe.

There is too much at stake to not take the risk of the next best step.

Why keep simply walking or trudging along in life, when I could fly?

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  1. Cat Pollock
    Cat Pollock says:

    Hi, Ann!

    I think playing it safe is very much a protective instinct, and I agree that it can serve well at times, but can sometimes be a hindrance. I know it’s a default action for me to retreat to what is “safe” when things get hard or go wrong or hurt me (or, or, or). Being brave and moving forward from what is supposed to be the safe thing may just be the best thing we can do!

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday

  2. Linda L.
    Linda L. says:

    That’s wonderful that you want to be more adventurous! I think a list of those things you will try in 2017 is appropriate here! I believe our husbands would love us to be more accepting of that trait! Let’s help each other DO IT! Safe can be boring.

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      Great idea to encourage each other to step out more! You’re absolutely right that “safe can be boring”. I need to remind myself of that truth. 🙂


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