Simple Breakfast Recipe Idea – Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

Do you like yogurt? How about fresh berries or other fruits?

I really enjoy these foods, especially as a light breakfast (or let’s get real here; as a start to my healthy breakfast). We often enjoy yogurt as a healthy part of our breakfasts around here, and always have some kind of fruit first thing in the morning as a habit.

Here’a an idea that many of you, like me, probably find obvious and do on a regular basis.

But as I’m fond of repeating, many of my “obvious” ideas may be something you’ve never thought of, just as some of your “everybody does this” ideas may be enlightening to me. I think you’ll find that these ideas will be a staple on my blog, since these are simple tips that we can share to make our lives easier, less stressful, more healthy, save time and energy, and generally allow us to save our motivation and focus for the things in our lives that really make us flourish.

I’ve already shared tips about putting paper towels in lettuce and about re-using free hangers you already have. I’d just love to hear from you in the comments about any other “obvious” tips you use, or simple foods you make on a regular basis that help you. Maybe we’ll learn from each other.

Back to fruit & yogurt.

Constructing fruit & yogurt parfaits

A “real” shot of my kitchen counter-top at breakfast time.

I often make these yogurt parfaits when we have some assortment of fresh berries (one of our favorites!), with just bananas (which I almost always have on hand), or with any assortment of fresh cut up fruit. It can even be made with thawed frozen fruit or canned fruit, but will have a softer consistency in that case.


Fresh strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries

Fresh washed strawberries (cut up), blueberries, and blackberries.

These parfaits can also be made with any assortment of tasty, healthy toppings to add extra flavor, texture, and color.

If you’re one of the resourceful people who make your own yogurt (I have yet to try that), that would be phenomenal! Or purchase good, healthy yogurt without too much added sugar.

If you’re using plain, unsweetened yogurt, feel free to sprinkle a little raw sugar over the top on each dish or mix into your fruit or berries, but try to keep it to a minimum. Most sweetened yogurts already contain an ample amount of sugar.

All you need to do is layer everything in a glass bowl, clear drinking glass, or cute parfait-style dish for each person. You can simply use a layer of each, or divide the ingredients and make several repeating layers (especially if you’re using a tall glass or dish).

Banana-yogurt parfait with dried cherries 2016-05-25

Banana-yogurt parfait with dried cherries (plain and orange-creme yogurt).


Simply layer the following into each individual dish:

  1. yogurt – a single flavor, plain unsweetened, or a combination of the two (my favorite)
  2. fruit or berries of choice – try mixed fresh strawberries, blueberries, and/or blackberries; bananas and/or melon or pineapple; a fruit-cocktail-like mixture of any cut up fresh fruits you have on hand; or even thawed frozen fruit or canned fruit
  3. serve as is or top with topping(s) – granola (store-bought or homemade), healthy trail mix (store-bought or homemade), dried fruit or nuts (I particularly like dried cherries and/or almonds or homemade trail mix made with these)


Berry & Yogurt Parfait (top view)


In the above photo, I made do with what I had on hand, and the parfaits turned out pretty tasty! We only had a little plain yogurt left and one single-serving of (fruit-on-the-bottom) blueberry Greek yogurt, so I mixed them together. I layered the cut up strawberries, the yogurt mixture (I barely had enough for four bowls), then the blueberries and blackberries, and then I topped it off with my yogurt blend mixed with a little scoop of whipped cream I also had in the fridge. I added a dollop to the top of each bowl for a little treat. Voila!

I don’t think I’ve ever constructed these parfaits ahead of time and I probably wouldn’t recommend it, as the flavors would blend together and I think the fruit will absorb moisture from the yogurt. But who knows? It may work just fine. I may just have to try that idea and let you know how it turns out.

If you wish, you may cut up the fruit or strawberries before hand and store in the fridge as a time-savor in the morning .

You can also put out the ingredients and let your family or guests build their own yogurt parfaits to their liking. This would even be a nice idea for a special holiday breakfast or brunch.

I hope that you’re already enjoying your own homemade fruit and yogurt parfaits, or that this gives you another simple, healthy idea for breakfast. Perhaps it will just give you some ideas for new combinations or toppings that you’ve never tried.

Breakfast foods with instructions for son

Am I the only one who leaves instructional notes with food on the counter for my family?

Here’s to quick and healthy breakfast ideas! Enjoy!


Do you make your own fruit & yogurt parfaits? Do you have any suggestions for ingredients that I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.



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