Seven Things I Learned in May 2016

Our bunny in our yard by the rhododendrons

“Our” bunny (who lives in my yard).


I’m both excited and feel privileged to share my second month of “What I Learned” with you, my readers, as well as to link up with Emily Freeman’s blog for this fun and informational occasion.

It’s a practice I’m learning how to make a habit, and hope that you find it beneficial as well.

So without further ado…..


Seven Things I Learned in May 2016:


1.  Although I enjoy getting to know new people and spending time with acquaintances, I need quality time with those I’m closest to, to fill my heart.

I have usually had at least one close friend in my life. When I was a child and then a teenager, I could do “anything”, as long as I had one of these special “best” friends by my side. As an adult, I have my husband as my best friend, but he can’t fulfill all of the “girlfriend” roles, so my close women friends have stepped up to the plate. (My husband and two sons thank you ladies, by the way!)

I find myself most comfortable with those I’m closest to, and find that I really need these close, more intimate “girlfriend” relationships in order to share some of my deepest thoughts and feelings.  It’s very fulfilling and encouraging to help each other in our pursuit of God’s will and obedience in our lives, and sometimes to just to kick back and have fun. I’m so thankful for these closer friendships in my life (“boss lady friends“, perhaps?), and pray that I’m as much of an encouragement to them as they are to me.


2.  Working in the heat is totally physically exhausting.

This summer, I am in one of my “transitional” jobs again. Since leaving my job of ten years as a teacher’s aide a couple of years ago, I feel like I’ve been “finding my way” in this next season of work. This summer, the opportunity arose for me to work at the farm (greenhouse work right now), where we purchase our farm shares. When I work in really warm settings (some greenhouses can get hot!), I am “toast” after about three hours. Even after I go home to clean up and cool down, I find I’m quite exhausted. I enjoy and appreciate the work, but am not cut out to be a full-time farmer!

Psalms 62.7

3.  I need to continue to learn to truly find my identity in Christ, not in what I do.

As I mentioned in point number two, lately I have been either unemployed or working in an entirely different part-time job to which I was accustomed. Both of these are situations in which I do not always feel comfortable. I believe it’s honorable to do hard physical labor, and know it’s a somewhat “normal” part of life to find yourself unemployed, but have found it difficult to feel proud of where I’m at right now. I turn fifty in a couple of weeks, and it feels like I should have my life all “figured out” (although I realize that’s not true). I finally realized that the main problem I’m having is associating my identity in what work I do (or don’t do, for pay that is, in the seasons of unemployment). In our culture where more women are expected to work outside of the home, I’m learning to find my identity not in what others think of me, but in Christ. Boy, this runs deep with me!


4. When you forget your chicken dogs on the grill for a couple of hours, they literally burn to a crisp.

I had the brilliant idea last week to “use up” some of the leftover heat from our charcoal grill to cook some chicken dogs for the next day. I assured my husband that he didn’t need to attend to them, but I would set a timer…..which I promptly forgot until a couple of hours later when I detected a distinct “burnt hot-dog” smell from outside.


2016-05-22 Chicken dogs burnt to a crisp (literally).

My chicken dogs, literally burnt to a crisp!

Interestingly, I now know where the expression, “burnt to a crisp” comes from, as they were not only thoroughly blackened, but also weighed next to nothing, as every last bit of moisture was cooked out of them!


5. I am a driving wimp.

I’ve never been comfortable driving places with which I’m not familiar, but am learning that I really do need to work on relying on my GPS and driving without fear. I can help drive across the country to visit my family in Canada, but will avoid driving in a city like the plague. A couple of years ago, before I owned a GPS, I got so hopelessly lost driving to meet some friends at one of their homes, that eventually someone had to drive out to meet me and “save” me. It really made me nervous, and I’m recognizing that I now have a greater fear which I need to overcome. God help me.


6. There is a new series by Downton Abbey creator, Julian Fellowes.

My dear husband informed me of this new series available on Amazon video, which is written by the same producer as my all-time favorite show, Downton Abbey. It’s called Dr. Thorne, and I enjoyed watching the first episode just last night. There are four episodes in this first season which are available to view. Here’s the link for those of you who have Amazon Prime. I hope that you enjoy it!


7. One of my new favorite plants is Scented Geranium, otherwise known as something with which most of us are very familiar.

All this working in greenhouses is educating me more in the world of plants. I just discovered a new “favorite” plant at my workplace. It’s official name is Scented Geranium, but most of you (especially candle-loving) friends will know it by it’s common name, Citronella. I am learning that many familiar candle scents come from plants (another being Bergamot). If you’ve never smelled the wonderful lemony scent of a Citronella plant, you are missing a pleasurable experience! And the best thing is, it really is a deterrent to those pesky mosquitoes!

(***Note of correction: Upon further research, it appears that “citronella” is a different plant altogether, and the “citronella scented geranium” is one of many varieties of scented geranium plants. I’m also disappointed to report that claims that this plant actually repels mosquitoes  have been proven to be false. However, I’m still thrilled to have it in my garden for it’s attractive foliage and flowers that will come. Here are three articles to read for further information about the myth about scented geranium, how to grow and care for “mosquito plants”, and other mosquito repelling plants that work. Perhaps I should save this information for next month, as I technically learned these facts on June 1st. 🙂 ***)

Scented Geranium (Citronella) 2016-05-31

Scented Geranium (Citronella)


Well, another month come and gone.

I’m coming to realize that you really do “learn something new every day”, or at least every month!

Thanks for joining me. Don’t forget to check out the interesting lists of Emily Freeman and many other wonderful blogging friends on her link-up page! (If you’re a blogger, I guess I’m officially inviting you, too.) 🙂



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  1. Jenn Palmer
    Jenn Palmer says:

    Some great lessons here! I find that number 3 is a continual struggle for me, too – we made the decision for me to stay home when my daughter was born two years ago, and there are days when I wrestle with leaving my professional career behind. Thank you for pointing back to where our true identity lies: in Christ alone.

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      Hi Jenn! I stayed home with both of our boys until the youngest went to kindergarten; then I became a teacher’s aide at their private Christian school. I am so glad I was able to be home with them, but it’s sometimes difficult to not feel pressured to “keep up” with others. You are making an awesome choice, even if not everyone understands. I believe your children will benefit greatly! Enjoy the time with them, as it goes quickly! Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

    • Ann Guinn
      Ann Guinn says:

      Hi Meg! Yes, I’m turning fifty in a little over a week, so I guess that’s a good thing! Thanks so much for visiting!


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